Mr. C (misterc) wrote in air_america,
Mr. C

The words of a Fighting Liberal...

Living in a country bought & paid for by the Neocons who own the (not-so-)Grand Old Party & watching how they have done their best to use their total control of the government to take care of their (political) own & to fill the pockets of their corporate cohorts at the expense of the "little guy (and gal)" & run a war of choice based on lies by throwing as much cash & humanity as they can find it has--to say the least--been a little disheartening for progressives (and anyone else who is not part of the Bush Collective) for some time now.

This post (, written by an unabashed LIBERAL, was written over 4 years ago on a blog I just found today. The sentiments Steve Gilliard writes about are still as timely & as important today as they ever were. I read it & I felt refreshed again. It helped me to remember that the fight for what's right & what's moral is ongoing & it is eternal. We don't ever make it to the top of the mountain. We can't allow ourselves to sit still & merely hope for the best. We have to always work at it & we have to always fight against forces that have a vested interest in blocking progress and in taking us backwards. They will never stop, so we must never stop.

I hope you read Steve's blog entry & I hope it gives to you the same desire it gave to me to engage the Good Fight.

What an awesome way to end the old year & prepare for the new.
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