Sarah (zeppo) wrote in air_america,

I need someone to take this over please

I have not been maintaining this site properly well lets be honest for YEARS now.
I haven't had the time, personal issues have made it difficult for me and frankly I lie awake at night worrying about some hideous troll moving in here and me not monitoring it closely enough to shut them down.

Since this is a polictical site I think we should do this the democratic way.
Everyone who is interested in owning/maintaining this community please post a comment here and provide a link to one or more of your thoughtful, objective, passionate, hilarious or enraged posts on this forum.
If you have never posted here, don't bother nominating yourself - the reason being is that if you have never posted, I don't know if you are a weiner hell bent on tearing the place up - you see?

So once I get nominations in hand I personally will do a poll and everybody can vote for a new president of the Air-America community - I will even pay for a year subscription as thanks.

Thanks everyone!


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