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Let's get to know Brent Rhinehart!

He is currently on the Oklahoma County Commission.  
Now Brent has a few problems in his re-election campaign.  One is a pal of his named Ray Pelfrey who has a few racketeering charges against him and apparently runs a brothel, another is some sort of misspending that he was allegedly doing when he took over the county commissioners’ office.  Now as far I can tell from an outsider’s point of view with the interwebs at my disposal most of these complaints seem unsubstantiated but have enough of a deliciously creepy feel to make the people running against him start throwing the rumors around.  So far it seems like completely standard politics to me...
Until now.

Brent decided that in order to combat such hate mongering he needed to take a long swim in lake truth.  Unfortunately he is wearing a lead bathing suit because he came up with was a political "comic book" to send out to his constituents.
It is remarkably similar to your standard Chick tract publications that you would find shoved into Dungeons and Dragons books, stuck to bus seats or scattered liberally in front of your local head shop.
The artwork is well... 6th grade amazing, and the grammar is just a couple of grades lower.  I will leave it up to you to judge the content.
Get to know Brent Rhinehart!

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