Mr. C (misterc) wrote in air_america,
Mr. C

Of Homophobes & Homophones...

In case any of us ever had a single doubt that, of all the things Rush Limbaugh is (and, please feel free to let your imagination & verbal creativity run wild), he is most certainly a homophobe, which is ONE of the reasons I do not bother with him. As with Dubya, once his face appears on the television screen and/or once I hear his voice, I switch the channel or press the Power button, so I only found this clip of the spiritual leader of the Republican Party expressing his discomfort with the word "dike" on Americablog.

When reading about the awful flooding in North Dakota, poor Mr. Limbaugh was also obviously forced to read about the dikes there, and "it made [him] feel uncomfortable." Really???? Because the word "dike" sounds like the slang (and--to some people--offensive) term used for lesbians ("dyke"), the GOP boss was made to feel "uncomfortable"??? He even suggested that the word "contingencies" be used instead of the scary "d" word (???????????). Come on!

In my opinion, he's not all "uncomfortable" because the word "dyke" is sometimes used in a derogatory manner by some (just like the word "queer" is by other homophobes) to describe same-sex-attracted women, so--the way I see it--he is obviously out-of-sorts because it reminds him that not everyone is heterosexual like he is.

Obviously it's just more than Rush can endure to have to step into the real world for even long enough to hear a word that apparently upsets him so. The poor dear...maybe he should make a "contingency" of his own to see a doctor & maybe get a prescription or 12 for his dreaded nervous condition. Oh, wait, we're talking about Rush Limbaugh that case, who needs a prescription???

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