Mr. C (misterc) wrote in air_america,
Mr. C

A Dollar Sure Doesn't Buy What It Used France anyway!

I was just watching the episode of "I Love Lucy" where the Ricardos & the Mertzes were visiting Paris on Ricky's European tour ("Paris At Last"). In the episode Ricky made mention to Lucy that, while on her day of shopping in the French capital, she would need to go by the American Express (I don't think they meant the credit card) to change her $20 bill into 7000 Francs. That got me thinking (I know, surprised me too!) & I checked the Wonderful World Wide Web & found out that that particular episode aired in 1956.

I wondered how far a buck would take you at today's rate, so I found a website calling itself the "Internet Gateway to France" ( and found that, per their calculation, twenty US dollars would now get you a little over 152 Francs--a nearly 98% overall drop in the value of a dollar!

How sad is that?!?

I am no good at worldwide geo-political banking stuff, and I am not sure if such a sharp decline in the value of US currency vis-a-vis the Franc has to do more with the strength of the Franc or the weakness of the Dollar (or both) but, I gotta think that--just like a lot of the cheese the French produce--this stinks!
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